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How To Get an Oscar-Winning Director to Make a Video for Your Nonprofit / CSR / Cause Related Marketing

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How To Get an Oscar-Winning Director to Make a Video for Your Nonprofit / CSR / Cause Related Marketing


It’s completely backwards.

And people never believe me till it happens.

But if you’re in cause related marketing, you have to find the most expensive video team possible.

Actually that’s not true:

You have to find 1000s of the most expensive video teams possible.


Because somewhere amongst those 1000 teams you are almost guaranteed to find a remarkable individual willing to pour their blood sweat and tears into making you the perfect video.

AND they’ll do it at a highly reduced rate – if not for free.

These people are GOLD DUST

The question – is how do you find them?


Oscar-Winning Directors for Your Nonprofit / CSR / Cause Related Marketing

In late 2012, I was watching a nature documentary on the BBC.

I’ll admit, it was so beautiful I cried like a baby.

When the credits rolled, and the names of thousands of people streamed by, right at the bottom, the head of it all, was a woman called Verity.

I wondered who this woman was, who had wreaked such havoc with my emotions.

So I looked her up, and there she was –  surrounded by awards, accolades and admirers.

I silently damned her, and went to bed.

The next morning I found at the top of my inbox, an email from none other than Verity herself.

I’ll never forget it.

It said:


“dear Harry, I saw you looked at my LinkedIn profile –  I went on the Ample Earth website, I like that you make cause marketing videos and would like to help you. Can you talk?”


I wrote back and said:


”Dear Verity, thanks for your kind words about our videos and your offer to help, but our clients are non profits and CSR and we really don’t have the money to pay someone like you.”


She said:


”Don’t worry about the money. If you can persuade me it’s for a good cause, you can pay me your usual rates and I’ll work for you.”


Just a few weeks after that conversation, we worked with Verity for the first time.

We paid her exactly what we would pay our low-cost,  low-skilled providers, and she did 100X the job.

It was a revelation for us.

In traditional corporate ventures, high expense makes high quality production impossible on low budgets.

However in philanthropy, we find that the highest most experienced videomakers are often willing to work on low budgets if it’s a cause they feel inspired to help.

Since then, not only have we continued to work with Verity, but we’ve fundamentally altered the way we work.

In fact, we reversed it.

At Ample Earth we’ve ranked thousands of directors from level 1 to 10. Directors at level 1 are absolute beginners. Directors at level 10 have won multiple internationally recognized video-making awards, including Oscars, Baftas, Emmys etc.

Rather than assuming low budgets mean low quality, we now hire ”backwards.” Starting by pitching your project to the best directors (level 10) and working our way down.

If no one is interested at level 10, we’ll ask the level 9s, then 8s and so on.

More often than not if you’re doing something truly inspirational, a level 8-10 director will help out on your measly third-sector budget.

This is not guaranteed, but it is likely.

By working in this manner we can guarantee you get the best possible video for your money.

And that’s good.

Very good.

To find out more about how the process works, read: High ROI Videos: The Ultimate Guide for Nonprofits, CSR and Cause Related Marketing

Or to find out more about the directors click here:


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In 2006, Cady won an Oscar with his short film ONE-DAY TRIP (El Viaje). And his deep understanding of storytelling earned him a position as a regular judge for the for the Emmy Awards, New York Chapter.

He is a member of the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures (NBR) and also employed as a college professor in New York City teaching direction, production, editing and writing.