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The Most Powerful Video Production Tool For Causes And Changemakers

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The Most Powerful Video Production Tool For Causes And Changemakers

More money, more video.

Less money, less video.



But in philanthropy things are a little backwards.

Expert video-makers often have the spare time, money and energy to work on low budgets – but only if it’s a cause they feel inspired to help.

This means with the right system in place, people making positive change in the world can expect a higher quality final video.

Simply put: the greater your impact, the greater your video.

But how would such a system work in practise?

Funny you should ask.

In this post we’re going to explain how the Ample Earth video production system rewards organisations making positive impact, and allows causes to get the best possible video, for the lowest possible price.


1: Direction and Project Management

Invest: $400 – 4000 / minute

At Ample Earth, we’ve ranked thousands of directors from level 1 to 10.

Directors at level 1 are absolute beginners. Directors at level 10 have won multiple internationally recognized video-making awards, including Oscars, Baftas, Emmys etc.

The key to the Ample Earth system is that our pricing model works ”backwards,” so that we begin by pitching your project to the best directors (level 10) and working our way down. If no one is interested at level 10, we’ll ask the level 9s, then 8s and so on.

More often than not if you’re doing something truly inspirational, a level 8-10 director will help out on your measly third-sector budget. This is not guaranteed, but it is likely.

For more on this read: How to get an Oscar Winning Director to make a video for your Nonprofit, CSR or Cause Marketing.

Your director will take charge of the entire production from start to finish, and help you and your team chart a course to success.


2: Video Blueprint

Invest: $0 – 1000+ (OPTIONAL)

The goal of stage 2 is to end up with a written document detailing exactly how you want your video to be: the script, the story, visual instructions, voiceover, music, branding, characters, colours, style, emotion etc.

In short, your video blueprint.

There are 2 ways to do this.

For low budget videos and simple explainers, you will co-create the blueprint with the help of your director (no extra charge).

But if you are comfortable investing another $1000+ USD we will create an Idea Competition, where we ask leading videographers around the world to contribute ideas, with prizes for the top three.

The advantage of operating in this way is that you can harness the creative intellectual capital of hundreds or even thousands of people, exponentially increasing the power of your video.


3: Voiceover

Invest: $100 – 500 USD / minute (OPTIONAL)

Voiceovers are optional, but if you do choose to have one the size of your budget will determine the number of voice artists who offer their services.

Small video projects (totalling $500-3000USD) will receive roughly 30-60 applicants. Medium projects ($3000 – 7000USD) will receive 60-80 applicants and large projects ($7000+) can expect 100 or more applicants.

Each applicant will match your preference (as outlined in the video blueprint) e.g. if you’re looking for an authoritative, elderly, British male voice, you’ll receive applications from voice actors matching that description.

Voice actors will record the first few lines of your video script. You choose the voice you like, and they record the rest. Simple.

For more on voiceovers, read: Voices To Make You Vomit: A Scientific Guide To Voiceovers For Nonprofits, CSR and Cause Marketing



4: Music

Invest: $0 – $1500 / minute

The key decision here is whether you pay extra for a custom soundtrack, or otherwise Ample Earth have tens of thousands of generic tracks which you can use for free.

For a custom track you’ll have to pay somewhere between $300 – 1500 / minute, but it’s definitely a higher quality outcome than the generic jingles.

Whatever you choose, we’ll present you with a number of options. And your director will help you find the perfect one.

For more on music read: How To Ruin A Good Video: An Idiot’s Guide To Terrible Music For Nonprofits, CSR and Cause Marketing



5. Visual Production

Invest: $200 – 4000 / minute +

When it comes to visual production, there’s only one way to find the best people, and that’s by watching and reviewing thousands and thousands of videos.

You are welcome therefore, to express your profound gratitude to us for wasting our lives watching thousands of videos (many of which are very bad) in order to find you the best visual producers on-the-net.

The producers we pick are capable of manufacturing extreme high quality, on a consistent basis, at an unrivalled price point. When it’s time to make your visuals, they’ll send you dozens of creative pitches, each offering different styles, options and ideas, and your director will help you and your team decide which to go with.



6. Guru Circle

Invest: $500 – 750 per Guru (OPTIONAL)

The guru circle is an optional extension for larger projects.

A team of philanthropic experts will provide guidance, knowledge and wisdom at each stage of the project to ensure you smash through your targets.

All Guru Circle participants have:

  1. 20+ years experience working in philanthropy
  2. C-Suite level CV (working at major organisations)
  3. A unrivalled track record helping mission-driven organisations grow

In short, they are certified badass.



7. Ample Earth

Invest: 22%

Ample Earth is a for-profit business servicing nonprofits, CSR, NGOs and social enterprise. We charge 22% on top of the total project costs in order to make a small profit and invest in improving our services.

There are no hidden fees, and no surplus charges.

If you’d like to find out more, or if any of this sounds complicated or confusing, don’t hesitate to get in touch:

With love from,

Harry and Matt.



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In 2006, Cady won an Oscar with his short film ONE-DAY TRIP (El Viaje). And his deep understanding of storytelling earned him a position as a regular judge for the for the Emmy Awards, New York Chapter.

He is a member of the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures (NBR) and also employed as a college professor in New York City teaching direction, production, editing and writing.