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The Zero Risk Way to Guarantee You Get a Mindblowing Video For Your Nonprofit / Cause / CSR Marketing

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The Zero Risk Way to Guarantee You Get a Mindblowing Video For Your Nonprofit / Cause / CSR Marketing

‘’Zero risk’’



What a load of clickbait.


We’ve run our video guarantee for 6 years. And it’s never failed.

But you’re right to be skeptical.

In this post we’re going to explain how and why it works.


How to Guarantee You get a Mindblowing Video for Your Nonprofit / CSR Marketing

  1. The first thing to know about our guarantee, is it’s not as generous as it looks. In fact, it’s almost entirely selfish. The Ample Earth brand is attached to the videos we produce and they’re shared all over the internet. When people love our videos, they tell others about it and we end up with more clients. It makes sense from a business perspective to ensure everyone is singing our praises.
  1. We’re able to produce videos at 50-70% less than our competitors. If you’re not sure why read: High ROI Videos: The Ultimate Guide for Nonprofits, Causes and CSR Marketing
  1. No one has ever abused the guarantee. Our clients have been nothing but sensible and responsible. Maybe we’ve just been lucky so far. Maybe we’ll get burned. But so far so good.
  1. We make all our reviews public, and the guarantee guarantees we get good reviews – so it’s a way of holding ourselves accountable. It forces us to work hard and stay honest.


How does the Guarantee Work?

The fundamental stages are of production are (in order) 1. Script 2. Voice 3. Music 4. Visuals.

At each stage, you can make as many alterations to your video as you like, for as long as you like, with no extra charge.

You don’t like the music. We’ll change it.

You don’t like the voiceover. We’ll change it.

You don’t like the way that character is looking at you? We’ll change it.

Usually we get it right the second or third time around, but if not, no problems. We’ll keep working until you’re 100% happy. Guaranteed.

Pretty cool eh?

Our sole stipulation is that once we have collectively agreed to move onto the next stage, we can not go back a stage and make changes without incurring additional costs.

E.g. If we’re working on the animation we can’t go back and change the script.

What do you think about our guarantee? Smart? Stupid? Over the top? Under the top? Above the middle? Behind the bottom?

Add your thoughts and comments below.

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In 2006, Cady won an Oscar with his short film ONE-DAY TRIP (El Viaje). And his deep understanding of storytelling earned him a position as a regular judge for the for the Emmy Awards, New York Chapter.

He is a member of the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures (NBR) and also employed as a college professor in New York City teaching direction, production, editing and writing.